Biomimicry Design Toolkit for Tropical Building Facades – An Introduction

Biomimicry Design Toolkit for Tropical Building Facades – Elephant Skin Inspired Facade




March 2022


bioSEA launched its first biomimicry design toolkit newsletter today to advance the application of biomimicry in the built environment in the tropics.

This initiative is supported by the DesignSingapore Council’s Good Design Research (GDR) initiative and specifically addresses thermal comfort for tropical building facades.



#1 Introduction



April 2022


Our second Biomimicry Design Toolkit newsletter was delivered on 29 April. Focused on the termite mounds, it showcases how cool termite mounds are and how they have inspired bioSEA and the team to design a unique wall panel ventilation system.




#2 Termite Mounds



May 2022


Learn about how elephants’ textured skin helps them stay cool despite them not having sweat glands. This has helped us design textured facades that reduce incident radiation on building wall panels.





#3 Elephant skin



July 2022


Our fourth newsletter talks about how the elephant ears go beyond hearing. Ears also help elephants keep cool. Learn more about how we are working to mimic these strategies and create double bioskin facades.




#4 Elephant ear



August 2022



Learn how we are mimicking the desert beetle’s strategy to create better water-capture building facades.




#5 Desert beetle



September 2022



Learn about a series of cool outreach events that the bioSEA team was involved in conjunction with the Singapore Design Week  2022! These included a biomimicry design workshop and the launch of our biomimicry toolkit introductory video.



#6 Singapore Design Week (2022)



May 2023


Learn more about the launch event for the Biomimicry Design Toolkit and how you can get involved in planning and organising future biomimicry events!





#7 Launch of the Biomimicry Design Toolkit




Nov 2021


Watch our feature on how termites can help cool our buildings in tropical Singapore in Singapore’s Channel News Asia TV show Mind Blown: Nature. 





Mind Blown!



Dec 2021


Read how Good Design Research is supporting local designers by marrying research and design.






Good Design Research
DesignSingapore Council


Jan 2022


Watch our work featured on termite mound-inspired 3D printed wall panels in Singapore’s Channel News Asia TV show Why it Matters: Nature to the rescue. With Zheng Kai of SUTD and Munshi Toh, bioSEA conceived breathable wall panels that can improve building ventilation.




Why It Matters?



March 2023



Read about the processes and inspiration behind the creation of the Biomimicry Design Toolkit






Elephant Skin Inspires Cooler Buildings
DesignSingapore Council



April 2023



Read about the launch of the Biomimicry Design Toolkit and what it aspires to achieve.






Biomimicry Design Toolkit



March 2023


Read about existing innovations inspired by nature and bioSEA’s homebrewed biomimicry projects.







Learning from Nature to Build Better
What’s Up



September 2023


Watch bioSEA’s biomimicry facade exhibit covering elephant skin facade, termite mound bricks and beetle tiles. Scroll to 8:15 mins to learn how these strategies help cool the city.





Singapore – the Green City
France 24 TV



September  2023


Read about how bioSEA’s biomimicry facade exhibit helps cool Singapore at the Playground of Possibilities display at the National Design Centre 2023. 





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