AquaWeb by NexLoop

Epiphytes take moisture from the air and make it accessible to neighbouring organisms. Spider webs can collect water from humid air due to alternating threads that differ in thickness. Ice plant leaves are covered in bladder cells, which act like small water reservoirs. Honeycombs are considered the most space-efficient structures and provide optimal structural strength.

Deriving inspiration from multiple organisms, AquaWeb consists of modular, hexagon-shaped structures with fine spider-web like meshing to optimize water collection and condensation. It also deploys ice-plant-like bladder cells for water collection. Once assembled, the design captures and stores natural sources of water (rain, fog and dew) that can be used locally.

  • Location


  • Year


  • Inspiration

    Epiphytes, Spiders

  • Creator


  • Application Scale

    Wall Panel

  • Functions Addressed

    Water Capture, Material Optimization

Open Project
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