Self-Adapting Glass by NTU

Tetra Fish have chromatophores in their skin, which contain arrayed guanine (basic build- ing block of DNA/RNA) platelets that can selectively reflect light of a certain wavelength and thereby act as a photonic crystal. The selective reflection property generates direction-dependent vivid colours, similar to butterfly wing colours. The glass is coated with layers of a Vanadium Dioxide (VO2) nanoparticles composite – a reliable smart thermo- chromic window material due to its optical stability during transition in the visible range. The coating can also regulate solar heating and radiative cooling.

  • Location


  • Year


  • Inspiration

    Tetra fish

  • Creator

    Singapore University of Technology & Design (Ke,Y. et al.)

  • Application Scale


  • Functions Addressed

    Limit Heat Gain

Open Project
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