Termite Mounds

How can termite mound branching systems help us ventilate buildings better?

Strategy —  Inspired by the ventilation system of termite mounds, the bioSEA team has created a modular façade wall panel. The breathable panels use Murray’s law based branching structure to improve ventilation between the indoor and outdoor environments and better dissipate heat. The wall deploys a central tube at its core combined with hemispherical cups on either side that enables the panel to better tap on to dynamic wind flows and thereby increase overall air flow in the indoor environment especially at low wind speeds. It also enables a more balanced spatial mixing of wind within the space. The panels are available in standard brick dimensions of 65 mm (height), 102.5 mm (length ) and 215 mm (width).

  • Functions Addressed

    Improve Ventilation, Heat Dissipation

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