Votu Hotel by GCP Arcquitectura & Urbanismo

Prairie dogs design their burrows in such a way that a continuous air circulation is established by creating a system of passages with inlets & outlets at different heights. This generates low and high pressure areas, keeping a cooling air flow through their burrows during summer. Inspired by the burrows, the bungalows at Votu used computer modelling to strategically place openings to allow for optimal natural ventilation.

The Saguaro cactus grows with long spines and accordion-like folds that offer shade and cool the air in shaded pockets. Such a form creates circulation around the cactus that minimises heat absorption.The bungalows placed self-shading slats on the guardrails inspired by the cactus that provide further cooling benefits.

  • Location

    Bahia, Brazil

  • Year


  • Inspiration

    Prairie dogs, Saguaro cactus

  • Creator

    GCP Arquitectura & Urbanismo

  • Application Scale


  • Functions Addressed

    Improve ventilation, Heat dissipation, Limit heat gain

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