Patterned Flow by SUTD

Inspired by the vent structure and reticulated branching network in termite mounds, Meristem Wall is a prototype for a 3D printed building envelope. Made out of sand and fabricated through binder-jet sand 3d printing, it features a dynamically controllable network of integrated air channels that allow a fluid relationship between inside and outside. The channels can be controlled through an embedded system of sensors and actuators to enable selective transport of heat and moisture. The wall integrates functional lighting and electricity, windows, and a custom computer controlled knitted textile interior. The extensive channels in the wall created intertwined surfaces, envisioned to provide a habitat for flora and fauna.

The design views the wall as a membrane rather than a barrier, mediating inside/outside environments for multi-species cohabitation.

  • Location


  • Year


  • Inspiration

    Starfish larvae

  • Creator

    Singapore University of Technology & Design (Tan, Y.Y., Yogiaman C., Tracy K., Alvardo P. V. Y)

  • Application Scale


  • Functions Addressed

    Improve ventilation

Open Project
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